Digitizing marketplace for agricultural commodities and bringing closer service providers to the farmers.

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Key Services

Agronomic Services

Bringing closer service providers such as agro-dealers, animal feeds dealers, veterinary services, extension service providers and other sector players digitizing the distribution chain and easing delivery services.

Market Place

E-Commerce or marketplace feature to allow farmers to sell and market their produce on a wide market and providing flexibility to the buyers in locating crops on the market.

Market Prices

Provision of real-time market price information captured from major markets across the country to both farmers and buyers to get updated on price changes enabling both sellers and buyers are receiving a fair price.

Production Predictions

Through pre-cultivation production estimates, the system predicts future harvest based on the land size, inputs applied and crop grown, this data is compared with actual production on harvest to ascertain loss causes. Also farmers can also secure future contracts with buyers based on these pre-cultivation estimates.

Communication Channel

Information dissemination and Communication channel, the platform enhances farming information dispersal such as fertilizer usage guide and pests control methods and any other extension information. Mass Messaging also makes communication faster, easier and possible among cooperative members and to service providers running marketing campaigns since all are connected on one platform.

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